Recommendations for Search Committee Members

Dear Catalina Foothills Family,

Please join us in considering men who might have the hand of God on their life for leading as a future church leader. Prayerfully read the attached qualifications for the roles of elder and deacon. If—after you have prayerfully considered the qualifications for elder—you can recommend someone from our ministry at Catalina Foothills as a potential elder or deacon, please submit your recommendation to the church office. All recommendations will be passed to the Session for consideration.


In Acts 6 the apostles asked the Jerusalem church to select men who were full of the Holy Spirit to be leaders.  In the same way, the apostle Paul wrote to Titus, “Appoint elders in every town.” The same consideration would be true for deacons. The selection of spiritual men as leaders is one of the most important responsibilities of any congregation. 


As you consider possible recommendations for leadership at Catalina Foothills Church, reflect on the biblical input for each role. The standard for your evaluation should be the qualifications given to us in your Bible, as described in the attached descriptions. Please take each statement seriously as you reflect about possible recommendations for elders and deacons.


The elders will interview and select a group of men from the recommendations of the congregation. These men will then be formally nominated for the role of elder or deacon to the congregation, who will vote on new leaders at a formal congregational meeting.  


Quite obviously, more men will be recommended than we actually nominate. God has raised many effective leaders in our church’s ministry. Yet God chooses only a few men at a time to lead as elders. The Lord is a God of order, and therefore His guidance is orderly. If a man is not chosen to serve as an elder at this time, it says more about the needs and vision of our church than about him. We will endeavor to honor the work of each potential leader, while at the same time we will prayerfully discern God’s leadership.  Therefore, please do not feel any personal affront if the Lord does not lead us to the man you have recommended at this time.  We are all trusting the Lord throughout this process. 


Consider the attached descriptions of elders and deacons. If the Lord places a man’s name on your heart, pray about it further, and then submit his name as a possible consideration for elder or deacon to the church office. You can email your recommendation—with your name as the person who recommended the man—to You can also submit a Recommendation Form that is found on the Receptionist Desk or Welcome Desk at the church.


Thank you for your help.

In His Name, 

The Session of CFC

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