Uganda Family Experience Vision Trip

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SPOTS STILL OPEN!  Contact Jill Reilly or Robyn Pomonis if interested.  Contact info at the bottom of this page.

ITINERARY JUNE 10 - 18, 2019

June 10:  Depart Phoenix

June 11:  Arrive in Entebbe, Uganda

June 12:  Edify Overview, visit 2 Edify partner schools

June 13-14: Serve in Edify Partner school

June 15-16: Visit and serve in African Children's Choir Primary School

June 17:  Depart for home OR begin optional 3-day safari*

June 18:  Arrive Phoenix (or June 20 if you stay for the safari)

*optional 3 day safari June 17-19, estimated cost $800 - $1000 per person


$1125 includes very comfortable lodging, meals, and local transportation/driver.  Does not include airfare or optional safari.

$2000 current average price for roundtrip airfare to/from Uganda from Phoenix

Valid US Passport and Yellow Fever Immunization (one shot) REQUIRED.  Malaria pills recommended.  Visit Passport Health for more information or to schedule an immunization.


Edify partners with underserved populations to increase access to Christ-centered education and improve the quality and relevance of what is taught in schools.

Join us in Uganda, our newest country to launch operations and see how God is working in and through education the next generation with a biblical worldview. Come experience how you can play a vital role in the transformation of education in Uganda while being transformed yourselves!


When do I need to commit?  If you're feeling God's call to go on this trip, please let us know ASAP of your desire, even if you still have questions.

What is the payment schedule?  $500 Deposit to Edify and airfare booked preferred by April 30th.  Balance due June 1, 2019.  If you have difficulty with these dates, please speak with Robyn or Jill.  

Who is organizing this trip?  Our lodging, meals, transportation/driver, in-country host/guide, safari company, and daily itinerary is all being arranged by the highly experienced team at Edify.  They have custom built this trip just for us based on what we said we want to do.

Who books the airfare?  Edify's experience has shown that most people want control over their travel...whether to use points for tickets or upgrades and/or the flexibility to stop in other cities or extend their stay. Therefore, we decided that each party will be responsible for booking their own flights at their own expense.  With that said, Edify has done research for us and has a suggested flight priced at $1700 per person as of March 6, 2019. You can use that flight or find a different one that suits you better.

Can my kids go?  Uganda is very safe. We are traveling across the globe to visit kids, so of course kids can come!  Please note, though, there may be extended time stuck in Kampala traffic.  Also, the travel time to and from Uganda is approximately 24 hours on planes and in airports.  You know your child best and what he/she is ready for.

What kind of serving will we be doing?  The needs of each partner school we will visit and serve with are unique. They may not even know what they need until just before we get there. We want to remain open and flexible in order to serve with them however the Holy Spirit moves among us and with whatever talents our team brings to the table. The goal is this trip re-introduce our church to global short term mission trips and to learn about the schools but, most importantly, we want to build relationships with the children, parents, and teachers we meet and lift each other up in the fellowship of Christ. We will not be engaged in heavy labor.   

Will we be roughing it?  No.  We want anybody to be able to join us on this trip if they feel called.  It is important that people are comfortable, rested, and do not get sick.  Therefore, we will be staying in modern hotels equivalent to American 3-star or above. The food will be safe and we will have all the important conveniences like running water, showers and wifi.

Is Uganda safe?  Very, or we wouldn't recommend kids join us. It really is as safe as visiting New York, Chicago, Paris, or London.  It's crowded and impoverished for sure, but we will have our guide, our driver, and our hotel is secure.  There are obvious precautions anybody should take when traveling, but this is not a risky trip.  There are other countries in Africa we would not be comfortable bringing kids but Uganda is not one of them.

What documents do I need?  You will need a Passport, a travel visa, and your Yellow Fever Vaccination card.  You cannot obtain a visa without the YF card, so it's best to get that done no later than April 30th. 

What about Vaccines?  The cost for Yellow Fever Vax is $245 plus the office visit of $75.  You can contact Passport Health on Oracle Rd to schedule an appointment online or call their office.  The malaria pills can be prescribed at that office visit and there are coupons online where you can hopefully only spend around $50.  Their doctor might suggest a short one-time malaria option instead of the 30-day pill routine. Beware that the short malaria option often causes night terrors. The only side effect of the 30-day malaria pill course is better skin, apparently.

What about the safari?  The safari is optional and we are looking at two different types:  One that is a Gorilla trek and one that is focused on the Big Five game.  The cost for the safari depends on which one.  The Gorilla trek is approximately $1000 and the Big Five is around $800.  We are still researching.  The Gorilla safari is about a nine hour drive from Kampala and the Big Five is about five hours.  The safari cost includes transportation to and from Kampala, lodging, and meals. 

Ready to go?  Have more questions? Contact either Jill Reilly or Robyn Pomonis at their Gmail accounts.  jillreilly at gmail or robyn91570 at gmail.