40s and 50s

SUNDAYS   9:55AM   ROOM 405/407 

SUSPENDED AT LEAST THROUGH APRIL 6 DUE TO COVID-19.  To stay updated about the changes to schedules, please make sure you're receiving our weekly Footprint email by clicking here.

We meet every Sunday in between services for some food and fellowship, then at around 10:10 we break into topical discussion and prayer time. 
What if you're 38, can you still go?  Of course!  What if you're about to turn 60, will we kick you out?  Absolutely not!  We promise nobody is going to card you at the door.  This is about what season of life you're in, not so much an exact number.  
So come join us!  Food and fellowship with the 20s and 30s at 9:55am, then we break off to our own room for a great discussion.
If you have questions or want to help, reach out to Associate Pastor Chad Turner at extension 109 or email him.