Video Update #3 May 27

FIRST SUNDAY WE ARE OPEN FOR WORSHIP IS JUNE 7th.  SERVICES WILL BE LIVE-STREAMED from our website for those who cannot attend.

this first before choosing your service, it will answer many of your questions.

- You do not need to log in to register.  (if you are logged in, it will populate your info for you, but it is not required).  Please make sure your email is correct.  We need this in case something changes and we need to contact you.  

- Services are limited to 130 seats, socially distanced.  Please think of these registrations like ticket sales. Once you sign up, that seat is taken.  

- Please, out of respect for others, don't register if you're not positive you will attend.  Otherwise, that seat is taken from someone who may wish to come.  Feel free to check the night before or the morning of and see if there are still slots available and register then.  To reiterate, if you're unsure about coming, please wait until you know for sure before registering.

- There are three services to choose from until full.  If your desired service is full, please choose a different one.  If the registration form won't let you pick a service, that means it is sold out.  It is not a technical problem with the form.

7:45 am service is a MASK REQUIRED service and there will be no singing.  You will need to bring your own mask or face covering.  Out of respect for the people who choose this service because the mask is required, we will not be able to let anybody in without a mask.  A scarf or bandana or other covering is acceptable, so consider stashing one in your car or purse now so you don't forget it.

9:30 and 11:15 service are both mask OPTIONAL and there will be singing.  

- If there are not enough slots to accommodate your entire family, please consider choosing a different service.  Again, please don't register in order to "save seats" for people in your family that may not attend.

- Please do not show up for worship service in hopes there is an empty seat for you.  We do not want to have to turn anybody away.  Feel free to check the registration form the morning of and register if there are still openings.

REMEMBER!  If you sign up for 7:45 service, don't forget your mask or face covering.

CFC Family, please know that from the bottom of our hearts we don't like or enjoy having all these "rules".  However, they are necessary at this time in order to address the concerns of many within our congregation who wish to attend worship. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding and we look forward to the day when we can all worship together without restriction.  We pray that day comes soon.

Finally, if you are sick or have a fever on the morning of service, please do not come and do not worry about letting us know.  Just take care of yourself.  Your health and the health of others is more important than your seat.  The services will be live-streamed, which you can access from our website.

NEED HELP?  Call 615-8500 or email