CFC Community Groups

Join a Community Group in your area of town and/or your age/life stage. Some groups involve their kids & teens, some don't. But, you can typically expect to break bread together in the leader's home, share each other's burdens and milestones, study God's Word, and serve others out in the community. 

HOW TO JOIN:  To join a Community Group or inquire further, please review the groups below and then click here to email Cindy Pastorius.  Cindy's CFC work days are Mon-Thur.  Emails received after 2pm Thursday will not be replied to until Monday.  :)

Brumme Adams Community Group

Age/Stage: All   Kids:  No   Meets:  Sundays 2x month  Area:  Northeast; Sunrise/Sabino Canyon  85750


Capen Roberts Community Group

Age/Stage: All   Kids:  No  Meets:  Sundays 2x month   Area:  Northwest; SaddleBrooke   85739


Cropp Community Group

Age/Stage: 45-65   Kids:  Teens  Meets:  Mondays 2x month   Area:  North; River and Campbell  85718


Donelson Community Group (1)

Age/Stage: 20-50's   Kids: Kids & Teens  Meets: Sundays 2x month  Area:  East; Ft Lowell & Soldier Trail   85749


 Guion Community Group

Age/Stage: 50-70   Kids:  No  Meets:  Sundays 2x month  Area:  North; Skyline and Campbell   85718


Hatcher Community Group

Age/Stage: 65+   Kids:  No  Meets:  Sundays 2x month  Area:  West; Silverbell and Cortaro Farms   85743


Henninger Dent Community Group

Age/Stage: 30-50s   Kids:  Kids & Teens  Meets:  Sundays 2x month Area:  North; First Ave & Via Entrada   85718


Kappler Community Group

Age/Stage: 45-65+   Kids:  Yes  Meets:  Sundays 2x month  Area:  North; River & Hacienda del Sol   85718


Lee Community Group (1)

Age/Stage: All  Kids: Kids & Teens  Meets:  Fridays every other Area:  North; Sunrise / La Paloma   85718


Maddox Community Group

Age/Stage: 65+  Kids:  No  Meets:  Sundays 2x month  Area:  North; Swan & Sunrise   85718


 Mehl Bury Community Group

Age/Stage: 65+   Kids:  No  Meets:  Mondays; 2x month  Area:  North; Skyline and Pima Canyon   85718


Mehl Wes Community Group

Age/Stage: 30-50s   Kids:  Kids & Teens  Meets:  Sundays 2x month  Area:  North; Hacienda del Sol   85718


Miller Community Group

Age/Stage: All Ages   Kids:  Kids & Teens  Meets:  Thursdays every other   Area:  North; Sunrise & Pontatoc   85718


Pettys Community Group

Age/Stage: 65+   Kids:  No  Meets:  Sundays 2x month   Area:  North; Sunrise & Campo Abierto   85718


Pieterse McWard Community Group

Age/Stage: 50+   Kids:  No  Meets:  Sundays biweekly  Area:  East; Sunrise & Wilmot   85750  GROUP CURRENTLY FULL


Schannep Community Group (3)

Age/Stage: 50s   Kids:  No  Meets:  Sundays 2x month  Area:  Northeast; River and Swan  85718


Treick Community Group

Age/Stage: 65+   Kids:  TBD  Meets:  Sundays 2x month   Area:  Northwest; Saddlebrooke  85739


Tumpes Community Group

Age/Stage: All   Kids:  No  Meets:  Day TBD 2x month  Area:  North; Swan and Sunrise   85718


Turner Community Group

Age/Stage: 25+   Kids:  Kids & Teens  Meets:  Sundays 2x month  Area: Northwest; Moore Rd & La Canada  85755



Welchans Garcia Community Group

Age/Stage: 25-45   Kids:  Yes  Meets:  Thursdays 2x month Area:  Central; Country Club and Grant  85716


Wroldsen Pelander Community Group

Age/Stage: 65+   Kids:  No  Meets:  Day TBD 2x month Area:  North; Hacienda del Sol 85718


Wu Community Group

Age/Stage: Any  Kids:  Kids & Teens  Meets:  Fridays 2x month Area:  Northwest; La Cholla and Orange Grove  85741