Cultural Affairs

Vision Statement

The Christian Impact Committee seeks to support the church Vision Statement: “Catalina Foothills Church exists to glorify God by exalting the Lord in our corporate worship and our individual lives, by equipping God’s people to take the transforming power of the Gospel into every area of society-the arts, athletics, business, education, law, medicine, the military, politics, and others.”

Committee Actions

The Christian Impact Committee (CIC) was created to provide the scriptural perspective on current issues, usually not available in the secular media. As voiced in the Manhattan Declaration “…we agree that the primary message of the New Testament is the good news about salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. But the primary is not the whole message, and another significant part of the New Testament teaches us how people should live…the Bible also teaches us about what kinds of laws our government should have. The laws of a nation have a significant influence on the nation’s moral climate, for good or for ill. This is because laws can either restrain evil or encourage it, and because laws also have a teaching function as they inform people about what a government thinks to be right and wrong conduct.”

Some issues our committee addresses are:

  • Religious discrimination
  • Abortion
  • Homosexual marriage
  • Legal decisions
  • Embryonic stem cell research
  • Media bias
  • Education
  • Historical American documents and our nation’s founders

These concerns have led us:

  • To publish the Salt and Light bulletin insert monthly (Current issue here)
  • To supply an Information Center in the Fireside Room where important more lengthy educational materials are available
  • To promote avenues of action and expression
  • To be of assistance to other churches forming CIC groups
  • To maintain a mailing list of those who would like to be alerted for action items
  • To maintain an email list of those who would like to receive the Salt and Light by email
  • To encourage observation of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
  • To make available current rosters of federal and state elected officials
  • To provide non-partisan surveys of political candidates’ positions on issues