Cookie Deployment Cookies for Troops!

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December 5, 2020

9:00am – 10:30pm

Location: 2150 E. Orange Grove Rd. Room 405 - 407, Tucson, Arizona 85718

Category: Women's Ministry | Coordinator: Fay Peceniak

There are 5 ways for you to participate in this Annual CFC Tradition!  Don't like to bake?  No time?  Out of town?  No problem!

1.  Bake and wrap cookies for deployed troops.  DUE DEC 5th 

2.  Provide an address of a deployed troop to receive a package.  DUE NOV 30th

3.  Donate funds to help cover postage.  DUE BEFORE DEC 5th

4.  Bake & Ship your own box, great for families and groups! DUE DEC 5th

5.  Join us for our annual Pack & Ship Day on Dec 5th

HERE ARE DETAILS and VIDEOS for each of these options:

1.  BAKE AND WRAP COOKIES.  Bake and wrap and drop off at church on Dec 4 or 5.  It's also okay to buy fresh-baked from the bakery, but please NO pre-packaged cookies off the shelf.  We want our deployed men and women to feel the love of home-baked.  If you're baking ahead of time, please wrap and freeze them until drop off day Dec 4 or 5.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

How you wrap your cookies is VERY important, so they don't arrive crushed and broken. Click here for a quick explainer video.

Drop off your wrapped cookies to CFC kitchen on Friday, Dec 4th before noon OR Saturday, Dec 5th before 9:15am in room 405/407.  Please keep them frozen until then so we aren't shipping out stale cookies.

A large flat rate box will fit 6-8 dozen cookies.  So feel free to make as many cookies as you like.  Just make sure to wrap them as per this video and freeze them until you drop them off.

2.  PROVIDE AN ADDRESS BY NOV 30th.  If you know somebody deployed, whether in your family or perhaps a friend or neighbor, we would love to send them a box of cookies.

Important!  Please verify their address and also ask if they are allowed to receive packages.  

Email their name and address to Fay Peceniak NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 30.

3.  DONATE FUNDS FOR POSTAGE.  Last year we spent $1800 on postage shipping boxes of cookies around the world, which is an average of 100 packages!  If you would like to make a donation, please mail in or drop off cash or check to the church office or the offering plate in an envelope clearly marked Cookie Deployment. The suggested donation is $20 per box but we will gladly accept any donation.  PLEASE make sure to put in an envelope marked Cookie Deployment! 

4.  BAKE & PACK YOUR OWN BOX BEFORE DEC 5.  Fun for families, friends, and small groups!  Gather your kids or your friends and pack a box together from home.  You provide the cookies and we provide you with the box and the postage label.  You can even do more than one package if you like.  Please be sure to watch the How to Wrap Cookies Video and then How to Pack Your Box Video.  

Small Box:  Up to 6 dozen cookies

Large Box:  6-8 dozen cookies

You can also add cards, letters, drawings, devotionals, etc.  These are flat-rate boxes so whatever fits, feel free.  However, please DO NOT put in anything with GLITTER, cotton balls, liquids, or anything breakable.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

Bonus!  You can bake, pack, and ship your box at your convenience but NO LATER THAN December 5 so it arrives in time.  To do your own box from home, please email so she can give you your box and postage-paid label.  Also, be sure to watch the videos mentioned above.

IMPORTANT!  If you request a box and label to send a package, it's extremely important that you complete this task or let us know if you cannot. We understand that things come up, people get sick, etc.  If you discover that you cannot get your package done and shipped by December 5, for whatever reason, please contact Fay.  We do not want any troop going without their package.

5.  JOIN US FOR PACKING DAY on Saturday, December 5 in room 405/407 at 9:00 am.  We will take all the dropped off pre-wrapped cookies and pack them into flat rate boxes so they can be shipped.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Okay, those are all the ways you can help!  If you have ANY questions about any of this, Fay Peceniak is happy to take your call or email.  THANK YOU!

FAY PECENIAK  520.891.6392

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