Gospel Rescue Mission

Gospel Rescue Mission is a haven for the homeless and a resource for local residents who have limited financial means. They operate both men and women’s shelters, providing the necessities of life and recovery/education for those who are willing to change. GRM shares the Gospel in a compassionate, non-judgmental way.

Catalina Foothills Church is humbled to be partnered with Gospel Rescue in many ways and many of our members often volunteer their time and treasures to GRM.

They recently launched their brand new Center of Opportunity:

Everything under one roof

200 beds and much more! One of the biggest hurdles the homeless face is not a lack of programs and services – but the ability to get to them.

“Homeless, for the most part, walk” says Roy Tullgren, our Executive Director. “They have to go across town to apply for various services like food assistance and childcare, then travel downtown to go to traffic court or drug court. They are all over town to get all of their needs met.

“This Center of Opportunity will provide one location where people can access all the resources they need to become self-sufficient. Housing programs, job skills training, employment services; there will be everything they need to move on in life with a second chance.”

More than a shelter

In addition to the Christ-centered shelter and recovery services provided by Gospel Rescue Mission, the Center of Opportunity will provide individuals in need with many services:

  • Healthcare
  • Dental Services
  • Workforce Development
  • Employment Services
  • Behavioral Health
  • Veterans Services
  • Government Assistance
  • Affordable housing
  • Re-Entry Services for former inmates

Phone: 520-622-5774

Gospel Rescue Mission Website