Growing In Christ Middle Hour

Growing In Christ "Middle Hour" will resume after the COVID-19 situation has passed and it is safe to gather in groups of more than 10 people.  

The time between First and Second Worship services is known as our "Middle Hour" and it is designed for everybody to deepen their connection with Christ and each other through Sunday School, Youth Group, Adult Bible Studies and Community Groups.  

Placing this between our two worship services allows people to attend their favorite Bible study or community group AND attend the worship service they prefer without having to choose one over the other.  It also allows families to worship together without their children missing Sunday School.  

CHILDREN 4 mos - 5th Grade

Children Infant - Kindergarten please see Catalina Cuties  open all morning

Children 1st - 5th Grade please see Catalina Kids  9:55 am

YOUTH Grades 6 - 12   9:55 am  

Sunday Morning 9:55 Room 402/404  Grades 6-12

Sunday Night Youth: 7 pm High School Grades 9-12 YB Room 304 

NOTE:  Youth Grades 6-8 also meet Wednesday Nights 7-8:30 pm.  Dinner is served.

ADULTS  10 am

20's and 30's Group:  Community group and Bible-based discussion for couples and singles in this age demographic.  Room 405  

40's and 50's Group:  Community group and Bible-based discussion for couples and singles in this age demographic.  Room 407

A note about our age groups.  These are only suggested age ranges based on the premise that people are dealing with similar life issues.  However, perhaps you're older but have young children.  Or, maybe you retired early and have no kids.  We encourage you to go where you feel your season of life is best reflected. 

Revelation Class In-depth, verse by verse study of the book of Revelation with a focus on the Greek text.  Discussion with seminary-level teaching by retired Pastor Carl Hogue.  Room 406/408

Bereans Adult fellowship class that explores Biblical topics in the context of Geography, History, and Culture.  Room 304 (large youth room).  Contact Don Adams for more info.

Singles Bible Study Geared toward singles 45+.  Study of various books of the Bible in the context of the single life for men and women. We are eager to meet other singles in all life stages.  Room:  Pastor John Miller's office  Contact Mike Gibbons for more info.

Fireside Fellowship Catch up with friends or make new ones over coffee/snacks in the Fireside Room.

Always refer to the Sunday Bulletin at church or Subscribe to The Footprint weekly email for the most up to date information, class locations, last-minute changes, and any special events.