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GRADES 1 - 5

Who We Are

God has given parents the primary responsibility of raising and nurturing their children in the Lord (Deut. 6). Our desire is to support parents and children with tools to grow in Christ together as a family. Knowing that it is only through the gospel that we can mature spiritually, all that we do is gospel-centered and discipleship-focused.  In addition, we love to see children maturing and worshiping the Lord with their families. 

To that end, we have a vision for the children, centered on God’s word. We seek to equip your children to:

LEARN God’s Word
LOVE God’s Word
LIVE God’s Word


We care deeply about your desire to invest in the spiritual wholeness of your child. We believe strongly that families should worship together as often as possible in addition to having dedicated time for Bible teaching, prayer, and fellowship with peers. Therefore, we have intentionally structured Sundays so that families can worship together and attend Sunday School or a Bible study without having to choose one over the other. 

GRADE 9:55am Sunday School 11:00am
1st - 3rd Room 401

Room 401/403

Elements of Worship Class

4th - 5th Room 403 ---

Sunday School begins at 9:55am.  We offer Bible studies, community groups, and fellowship opportunities for adults during this time while their children are in Sunday School.  All of the kids learn from The Gospel Project curriculum; a Christ-centered, chronological study through the Bible. Each week, all children learn the same Bible lesson and memory verse at an age-appropriate level. To learn more click here.

Our Second Service at 11:00 where you'll see kids, tweens, and teens worshiping with their parents. Communion is every Sunday at Second Service. During this time, we also offer an Elements of Worship class geared toward 1st-3rd graders. This class uses the "Teach Me to Worship" curriculum and is designed to help children understand and grow to love the elements of corporate Worship. On the first Sunday of each month, as part of the curriculum, children join their parents in the worship service at 11:00. To learn more about the curriculum click here.  


What is KidCheck?

KidCheck is the system that we use to check kids in and out of their classrooms and to promote the highest level of security for your family. To make your first Sunday with us easier, we encourage you to create a free KidCheck account ahead of time here!

Interested in Volunteering in Children's Ministry?

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Who Leads the Children?

Heather Bergeron
Children's Ministry Director
Birth - Preschool

If you have younger children, newborns to Kindergarten, follow us to our nursery and preschool program, Catalina Cuties.