Larry & Sandy Rockwell - Peru

Larry and Sandy Rockwell serve with Mission to the World in Huarez, Peru. They live in Huarez Peru, located in the Huaylas valley between the grand Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra at 10,500 feet elevation. They are working with the Quechua speakers some of whom live in villages as high as 14,000 feet! No, the Rockwell’s aren’t incurable mountain climbers nor are the trying to get back to nature. Rather they are ambassadors for our Supreme God, called to share the God of Hope and the God of promise to people for whom life is a constant struggle. Their prayer is that the Quechua will come to know and love Him, the one who is worthy and desires to show His glory.


They have three children: Lynae (10-26-93), Mackenzie (7-17-97), and Jonathan (11-18-05).

Contact them at or at 011-51-43-42-71-62.

Visit their website here.