Sunday Middle Hour

Middle Hour

The time between First and Second Worship services is known as our "Middle Hour" and it is designed for people to be able to attend a study, group, or class without having to miss their preferred worship service.  It also allows families to worship together without competing with their child's Sunday School or Youth Group. 

There is no registration required to attend any of our Sunday morning offerings.  Just jump in any time.

KIDS Sunday School K - 5th click here  

YOUTH Grades 6 - 12  click here  

ADULTS  18 + 

There is no registration required to attend any of our Sunday morning programs.  Just jump in anytime.

20's-40's GROUP  Room 405/407.  This is a community group facilitated by great Biblical discussions relevant to various issues, questions, and challenges this season of life presents.  It also functions to help singles and couples meet new people and begin to cultivate friendships with people of the same age and stage.  Led by Pastor Chad Turner.

The Doctrine of Scripture Class.  Grammar School Room A.  There is perhaps no more important foundational doctrine in the Christian faith than the doctrine of Scripture.  We will study in-depth and discuss how and why we believe the Scripture is Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, and fully worthy of living as our ultimate authority.   Led by Missions Director Greg Roberts.

Through The Bible: Revelation  Room 406/408.  Zoom Available.  One of the most confusing, yet publicly discussed books of the Bible in history.  This class is an in-depth graduate-level study of Revelation looking at the original Greek text to discern meaning and application for life. We look at various views of interpretation across the ages presented alongside scripture as well.  Led by Rev. Carl Hogue.

Bereans Group.  Youth Room.  We are exploring the life of Paul, in the book of Acts, through cultural and geographic context. Led by Elders Don Adams and Bob Capen.

Evangelism.   Grammar School Classroom 1.  Have you ever wanted to know more about how to reach your unchurched friends or skeptic colleagues?  Then this class is for you.  This class is designed to help you grow in understanding evangelism, as well as practically equip you with skills and tools to begin pursuing unchurched people.  Led by Pastor Winston Maddox and Pastor Emeritus Mark Roessler.

Singles Bible Study Class. 45+.  Conference Room.  Zoom Available.  We study various books of the Bible in the context of the single life for men and women.  Led by Bill Kelly and Mike Gibbons.


Masks are optional in any of our classes.  It is up to the leaders and attendees of each class if they will be physically distanced or not.  

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