Rodney & Jana Davila - Costa Rica

Rodney and Jana met in Costa Rica and had their call to missions confirmed through their involvement with short term missions. Since their first assignment in Bogotá, Colombia, Rodney has been involved in training men to be leaders. Although security concerns did not allow them to return to Bogotá, a Colombian man has been prepared as a pastor and continues the work in the national church.


Arriving in Santiago, Chile in 2000, Rodney helped to both develop and direct CEPA, a center for pastoral training. CEPA strives to provide Chile with national pastors and church planters by meeting the needs for theological education, establishing accountability in the form of personal discipleship, and providing ministry experience in the local church. Chile had its first four CEPA graduates in 2004!

Due to the growing interest throughout Latin America for effective leadership training, the Dávilas are now part of the MTW Resource Team. Rodney will consult with other teams in Latin America that want to start their own CEPA programs and will also help them to contextualize their ministries in accordance with their particular situations. Your prayers and partnership with the Dávilas are a vital part of what God is doing throughout Latin America.


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