Steffen & Elizabeth Mueller - Munich

In 2011 Steffen went home to Munich Germany to plant Gospel Church an evangelical church. In Munich a city of 1.4 million people less than 0.5% are evangelical Christians. Steffen has established Gospel Church to spread the gospel and is working to plant a second church aimed at university students. They have two children Sophia and Susanna.

Mueller Steffen, Elizabeth, Sophia, Susanna

Here is their latest update from August 2019:

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your prayers! Here is a brief update on some of what our great God is doing:
  • God blessed us with a wonderful visit with Mike and Jane Ross. Mike preached an excellent series on “Prelude to Revival" (from Isaiah 56-65) at the retreat in Italy and he also preached at Gospel Church. Many were encouraged and spiritually strengthened through the preaching and teaching of Mike and through the love that Mike and Jane showed to all of us. Please pray for revival in Gruenwald/South Munich, Munich at large (about 3 million people) and in Germany. Pray for God to use Gospel Church in mighty ways in the coming years and decades and that we would see hundreds and thousands come to faith in Christ.
  • Gospel Church is located in one of the most secular areas in all of Germany and at the same time it is a very strategic area. We give all the glory to God for how He has raised up Gospel Church in the past 6.5 years.  By God’s grace we have a significant number of people who have come to faith in Christ and who are young believers. Also there is a good number of non-Christians that come to our services and who are hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray that God will bless us with more and more godly and mature believers. 
  • By the end of 2017 Gospel Church had become one of the largest churches in Munich (in terms of attendance). Not surprisingly we at Gospel Church had to endure some very hard and evil attacks in 2018 and some serious medical challenges in our family. We thank God that He has sustained both our family and Gospel Church. We are deeply grateful that in 2019 God has raised up several leaders for ministry teams (Wilfriede for music, Andreas for youth, Maria for the nursery - they are all about age 30 - please pray for them) as well as a temporary leadership team (Andreas, Sebastian, Andreas and Steffen) that is working very well together (currently I am the only elder). All of these men are convinced that they are not ready spiritually to be elders (in part also because of unbelieving wives). I am training several men in theology and the Word and in what it means to follow Christ. Please pray for these men - it is mostly the young men (who are quite young in their faith) who are committed to come to our meetings. We see the Lord laying some good and very healthy foundations. I believe that God is preparing Gospel Church for more Kingdom ministry and for a greater harvest in the years to come. Please pray that we will move forward boldly and humbly and with a faith that gives great glory to Jesus Christ.
  • July was especially busy and the Lord has done some wonderful things! The workshop with the music team in Austria was very blessed and they came back very encouraged to worship our great God through music and worship. Wilfriede is our new leader for the music ministry. She is young but very gifted and has grown a lot spiritually in the last few years. Please pray for her as her parents are not doing well health-wise right now and this week she is staying with them to take care of them. Please pray for the Lord to protect her, to strengthen her and to make her even more encouraged and committed to serve in this important role. Also pray for Bilka who is assisting Wilfriede with scheduling volunteers (singers and musicians) and for Wilfriede and Bilka to work very well together. Also, please pray for more gifted and godly musicians and singers. Wilfriede’s older sister Heidi will move to  Munich in September - and she is a gifted piano player and a mature believer - please pray that Heidi will decide to join Gospel Church and become a committed musician in our music ministry, if that is God’s will.
  • Thank God for a good start with the youth ministry in July. Please pray for Andreas Küffner who is leading this new ministry. He is very busy at work and travels a lot - but God has given him a heart for the teenagers. Please pray that we will find a godly second person who can assist Andreas and who can also relate well to the teenagers at Gospel Church. Please pray that several new teenagers will come to Gospel Church in the coming months. Pray for wisdom when we start in the fall (summer school break just started here last week; school starts again on September 10).
  • At the open-air worship service we sadly had a lot of rain before the service and during the first half of the service. So there was only a small group of folks who came - maybe 50-60 or so who came despite the rain. But the worship service itself was very blessed. Also the owner of the beergarden was stunned that we had the service despite the bad weather - he cancelled all of his other program that day until later in the afternoon. He right away invited us again for next year. We are very grateful for this as it is such an excellent evangelistic opportunity.
  • On July 28 we had our annual summer celebration after the worship service with free food in the nice park that is right next to where we worship in Gruenwald/South Munich. God also blessed that service richly and there were even more people - a good number of non-Christians who came to the summer celebration in the park. In total there were about 140 to 150 who came.
  • One of the biggest challenges that we are currently facing is that in the past years two years three people who were very strong financial givers (together the three gave close to 40% of all the financial giving in 2017) are no longer at Gospel Church (due to professional move etc.). We know that we need many tithers so that the financial giving does not rest on a small group of givers. At the same time it is a great challenge and takes a lot of patience to see young German believers come to the place where they truly start giving to the church. So far the giving in Munich in 2019 has been 40,750 Euro. Please pray that we will reach 100,000 Euro by the end of 2019 (our annual budget is 150,000 Euro).
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