We Are Here to Serve

We are Here for You areas

HOTLINE 520-615-8500 M-F 9am - 4pm
or email info@cfcpca.org
PRAYERS:  email prayers@cfcpca.org.  Please call/text the hotline if you need to pray with somebody over the phone.

GROCERIES:  We have people ready to shop for you. 

MEDS & SUPPLIES:  We can pick up your meds or other items at the drugstore and drop off to you. 

MEDICAL APPTS:  Men and women are ready to drive you.  

COUNSELING:  Pastors and trained Stephen Ministers are ready to support you with confidential care. If you are lonely, isolated, not used to being home alone for long periods of time, or if being quarantined with your kids is a new struggle for you or your marriage, we want to help. 

HELPING HANDS:  Can't reach something important?  Garage door not opening properly or is there something critical you need fixed right away?  Don't struggle, let us help you.


We strongly encourage everyone to stay connected and reach out to one another.  Here are some ideas:
  • Small groups and Bible studies have begun to meet with each other virtually using software like ZOOM.  The church has an account you can use if you are interested. Contact peter@cfcpca.org  
  • Call and text one another often 
  • Share prayers and fun things via group texts
  • Send someone a card or something your child made
  • If you know of someone without internet or do not check emails often, call and check in with them
  • Contact an Elder or Deacon for confidential help or concerns, they are available and ready to serve you
CONTACT AN ELDER:  elders@cfcpca.org
BENEVOLENCE NEEDS:  deacons@cfcpca.org
DEACON PHONE:  520-599-8861


Please contact Melissa Mallino melissa@cfcpca.org 
  1. If you are under 65 and able to do shopping, driving, or home repairs
  2. If you are 65 and over and able to make phone calls to check in on people
Community Food Bank desperately needs volunteers to help pack food boxes, since many volunteers are older and need to stay home.  If you are under 65, please email volunteer@communityfoodbank.org to get started.
  • Stay home as often as possible
  • Wash your hands often and/or use hand sanitizer
  • Absolutely stay home if you are sick
  • If you must gather, keep it to groups of ten people or less and practice social distancing (stay six feet apart)
  • Pray!
We have a growing list of links where you can find reliable updates about COVID, tons of fun Christian learning videos for your kids, free Reformed theology teaching for yourself, fantastic articles, where to get free lunches for kids, or free audible books for students.  New things continue to be added so feel free to check it often.  Click Here or go to cfcpca.org/resources